Saturday, August 29, 2015

The 180 Muscle Method ebook

At the beginning of the year I decided my new years resolution was going to transform my body. A friend of mine recommended The 180 Muscle Method. The 180 muscle method is a 12 week body transformation program that uses a pyramid cycle. The program uses DRTS.
 After using DRTS I experienced:

  • Increased time under tension in my muscles
  • I was able to bust through my plateaus
  • Help my muscles keep balance and size
The great thing about this ebook is it uses "paired sets"  which worked so much better for me then traditional sets.
With this ebook I learned:
  • How to build lean muscle
  • How to build muscle fast
  • Facts about muscles
  • BodyBuilding Supplements that work
  • The human Body Muscles
  • How muscles work
  • Way of building muscle mass
  • Foods to build muscle fast
  • This is the same method young Arnold Schwarzenegger used
If you are interested in the program check it out below! Definitely worth the money if you are ready for change to your lifestyle!

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