Saturday, August 29, 2015

The KettleBell Challenge!

So my wife wanted to lose some weight and I told her to go to the gym with me. She went 2 solid weeks before quitting. A couple weeks later a buddy of mine told me about the Kettle Bell challenge. I tried it and boy was I out of shape! It just goes to show those 10 minute workout videos are worthless! 

I told my wife about it and so we got a kettle bell set. Ever since she started it she has became much more toned and is so happy with her results.
She can wear those sexy tight dresses now and feel completely confident. Her body fat percentage has dropped 10%.
Occasionally she will go to the gym and  do some other weight lifting workouts but the kettle bell is her pride and joy!
It absolutely amazes me how a 90 day workout with a kettle bell can change your life!

She now competes in various workouts such as the Spartacus workout for women.

Here's the link to his website he has TONS of different workout and tips on the kettle bell so check him out!
His website

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